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Mayall John - Tough (Vinyl Crystal...

Mayall John - Tough (Vinyl Crystal Clear)

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tough (vinyl crystal clear)

Tough is John Mayall at his best. The title fits as Mayall is showing no sign of slowingdown, playing multiple instruments and proving once again why he is known as TheGodfather of British Blues. His self-produced 57th studio album was originally recordedin 2009 with an almost entire new band line-up. Tough portraits where he is at thispoint in his life, dealing with a number of topics such as the difficulties of humanrelationships, the complexities we face in the worlds current state and, most importantly,the promise of hope.On November 13th, 2020, this wonderful body of work will be re-released on vinyl as astrictly limited and numbered heavyweight LP edition on crystal clear vinyl. Definitelysomething not to miss.


1. Nothing To Do With Love2. Just What Youre Looking For3. Playing With A Losing Hand1. Slow Train To Nowhere2. Numbers Down3. That Good Old Rockin Blues1. An Eye For An Eye2. How Far Down3. Train To My Heart1. Tough Times Ahead2. The Sum Of Something

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