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Carla Paris

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Offertes a Tout 14: Desires

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Erotic musing: as she reads erotic tales, Nina Roberts begins to touch herself. Strangely enough, her imagination makes the man of her dreams materialize into something very real indeed…

The loft: in a modern flat the shapely Priscilla shows off in front of Philippe. He decides to check the depths of her...feelings.

The maid: in his studio, Sébastian introduces shy Melissa to the very demanding world of the Erotic Photography. He dresses her up in a maid’s uniform &... soon enough, the atmosphere is very hot indeed.

A helping hand: thrown out by his wife for cheating on her, Sébastian finds solace at Saga's place, but only under the condition that he behaves. It’s impossible to keep a promise like that when you share a bed with such a sexy girl...

Into raptures: in their chalet, Katia and her boyfriend enjoy champagne in a very special fashion... drinking it from the most intimate parts of their bodies.

The sculptor and his model: having posed naked, Carla starts to get dressed. But the sculptor leaves his work behind to take great care of her beautiful body...

A series of hyper hot sequences in which beautiful creatures show intense desire and an outstanding sexual appetite.

Pornostar: Carla Paris - Katia De Val - Melissa Lauren ( Pornostar ) - Foto Melissa Lauren - Nina Roberts - Priscila Sol - Saga Dee Monroe   Regista: Alain Payet  

lun/ven: 9.30/13 - 14/18
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carla paris
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